Graduate Linkage (CUGL) Program

The Cornell University Graduate Linkage (CUGL) program, also known as the Linkage program, is a program jointly administered by Weill Cornell  Graduate School of Medical Sciences (WCGS) and Cornell University Graduate School (CU-I) to enable graduate students from either campus to spend one or more semesters on the other campus, learning skills or working with specific faculty.

Students interested in the program should review the program description and complete the application form electronically and the post-acceptance procedures for Ithaca Students hosted at Weill or for WCGS Students hosted in Ithaca.

As noted in the application form, students in the long-term Linkage program are required to submit an annual report to the CUGL Program to request approval for continued participation. Please submit this form no more than 11 months following your most recent reapproval. Failure to do so may result in termination from the CUGL Program.

For questions about applying to the program please contact:

Ithaca Campus:
Jason Kahabka
Associate Dean
Cornell University Graduate School

WCGS Campus:
Randi B. Silver, Ph.D.
Associate Dean, Academic Affairs
Weill Cornell Graduate School