Research Symposia

Machine Learning in Medicine: Bridging the Divide

Amy Kuceyeski  -  Weill Cornell, Radiology
Mert Sabuncu  -  Engineering, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Jyotishman Pathak  -  Weill Cornell, Psychiatry
Christopher Mason  -  Weill Cornell, Physiology & Biophysics 
Fei Wang  -  Weill Cornell, Population Health Sciences
Marty Wells  -  ILR, Statistics and Data Science

RNAs in All Shapes, Sizes, and Forms: Markers and Regulators of Health and Disease

Paula Cohen  -  Veterinary Medicine, Biomedical Science
Olivier Elemento  -  Weill Cornell, Pathology & Laboratory Medicine

Immunology Symposium

Julie Blander  -  Weill Cornell, Immunology in Medicine
Brian Rudd  -    Veterinary Medicine, Microbiology & Immunology

Multiscale Imaging and Stimulation: From Single Neuron to the Whole Brain

Chris Xu  -  Engineering, Applied & Engineering Physics
Li Wang  -  Weill Cornell, Physics in Radiology

Precision Nutrition

Anna Thackler-Mercer  -  Human Ecology, Nutritional Sciences
Martha Field  -  Human Ecology, Nutritional Sciences
Zhenglong Gu  -  Human Ecology, Nutritional Sciences
James Lo  -  Weill Cornell, Medicine
Joeva Barrow  -  Human Ecology, Nutritional Sciences
Saurabh Mehta  -  Human Ecology, Nutritional Sciences

Aging and Neurodegeneration

Siu Sylvia Lee  -  Arts & Sciences, Molecular Biology & Genetics
Fenghua Hu  -  Agriculture & Life Sciences, Molecular Biology & Genetics
Li Gan  -  Weill Cornell, Neuroscience

Genome Instability, Repair and Editing

Barry Sleckman  -  Weill Cornell, Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
Marcus Smolka  -  Agriculture & Life Sciences, Molecular Biology & Genetics

The Moral Psychology of Social Technology

John Doris   -  Arts & Sciences, Philosophy
Rachana Kamtekar  -  Arts & Sciences, Philosophy
Shaun Nichols  -  Arts & Sciences, Philosophy
Helen Nissenbaum  -  Cornell Tech, Information Science

Immersive Media in Medicine and Education

JoAnn Difede  -  Weill Cornell, Psychology in Psychiatry
Andrea Stevenson Won  -  Agriculture & Life Sciences, Communication

Immunology Symposium

Virginia Pascual  -  Weill Cornell, Pediatrics
Cynthia Leifer  -  Veterinary Medicine, Microbiology & Immunology

Tri-Campus Health Equity Symposium

Monika Safford  -  Weill Cornell, Medicine
Jeff Niederdeppe  -  Agriculture & Life Sciences, Communications
Nicola Dell  -  Cornell Tech, Information Science
Rulla Tamimi, Weill Cornell Medicine, Population Health Sciences

Impacts of Mosquitoes and vector-borne diseases on reproductive health

Heidi Stuhlmann  - Weill Cornell, Cell &Developmental Biology
Mariana Wolfner  -  Arts & Sciences, Molecular Biology & Genetics
Shuibing Chen  -  Weill Cornell, Surgery
Robert Schwartz  -  Weill Cornell, Medicine
Laura Harrington  -  Agriculture & Life Sciences, Entomology

Precision Medicine Approach to Clinical Research

Olivier Elemento  -  Weill Cornell, Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
Cora Sternberg  -  Weill Cornell, Medicine
Ankur Singh  -  Engineering, Mechanical Engineering & Biomedical Engineering
Tanzeem Choudhury  -  Cornell Tech, Information Science
Deborah Estrin  -  Cornell Tech, Computer Science

Antimicrobial Resistance

Kyu Rhee  -  Weill Cornell, Microbiology & Immunology
Lars Westblade  -  Engineering, Chemical and Biomedical Engineering
Craig Altier  -  Veterinary Medicine, Population Medicine &Diagnostic Sciences
Ilana Brito  -  Engineering, Biomedical Engineering
Tobias Doerr  -  Agriculture & Life Sciences, Microbiology

Tri-Campus Health Equity Symposium

Monika Safford  -  Weill Cornell, Medicine
Avery August  -  Veterinary Medicine, Microbiology & Immunology
Deborah Estrin  -  Cornell Tech, Computer Science