CyberCommons provides researchers with computational and storage support

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Cornell CyberCommons provides resources for Cornell researchers needing computational and storage support.  The CyberCommons was formed in Fall 2019, and initial members are Weill Cornell IT Services, Cornell IT, the Scientific Computing Unit, and Cornell Center for Advanced Computing. The CyberCommons is a single point of contact to HPC and cloud computation, storage, and expertise for researchers handling both regulated and unregulated data. Through the CyberCommons, Cornell researchers can leverage a broad range of CPU and GPU processing resources, file and archival storage options, technical consulting, and proposal preparation and execution support.

The CyberCommons initial announcement took place at the Research in the Cloud Symposium, which allowed Cornell researchers and CyberCommons providers to share their experiences working in cloud computing environments to support research activities.  The Research in the Cloud Symposium was sponsored by Weill Cornell IT Services, and featured faculty from all Cornell campuses as well as representatives from Cornell service providers.