Sponsored Research Resources

Cornell University is a thriving, ever-expanding global institution built on a long history of tradition and a solid foundation of excellence in research. The University has campuses in Ithaca, Geneva, Qatar and New York City. Cornell faculty are uniquely positioned to collaborate across disciplines and campuses leveraging synergies in a multitude of areas of leading edge science to solve today’s most complex world-wide global health challenges facing humanity.

Cornell’s Ithaca-based campuses - Ithaca, AgriTech in Geneva, and Cornell Tech in New York City, and Weill Cornell Medicine campuses – in New York City and Qatar, are committed to supporting interdisciplinary collaboration across all campuses by developing seamless, streamlined and efficient processes. The 'Sponsored Research Resources' pages provide information, procedures and resources that support intercampus collaborations.

To streamline the flow of sponsored research across campuses, new intercampus procedures have been established and agreed upon by each campus’s sponsored research office:

Cornell-Ithaca's Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP)
WCM’s Office of Sponsored Research Administration (OSRA).