Harnessing the rich and varied expertise of colleagues in Ithaca and New York City amplifies Cornell University’s research activities, elevating their impact and strength. Collaborative endeavors among Cornell's researchers not only synchronize scientific and educational initiatives across the wider Cornell community but also fosters enhanced research and educational prospects. This, in turn, nurtures the evolution of individual endeavors into expansive programs with heightened impact and visibility.

This short-fuse initiative is crafted to support events or activities that ignite collaborative ventures spanning the Ithaca and New York City campuses by acquainting faculty, students, and postdoctoral researchers from remote campuses around a common scientific theme, facilitating the sharing of recent findings and discussions on emerging research areas.

The support for CONVERSATIONS IN INTERCAMPUS RESEARCH events or activities aims to:

  • Inform the Cornell research community, including faculty and students, about the diverse ongoing research efforts on both Ithaca and NYC campuses,
  • Stimulate discussions for novel intercampus collaborations by fostering face-to-face interactions,
  • Foster new and expanded research collaborations among the campuses,
  • Identify concrete next steps toward establishing integrated research programs,
  • Leverage our interdisciplinary capabilities toward, and increase our preparedness for, emerging new funding mechanisms as they arise.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Proposed events or activities must be coordinated by one co-organizer from Ithaca and New York City. Co-organizers must meet University PI eligibility requirements.
  • Events or activities can be based on any Cornell campus.
  • Unlike in previous RFAs, proposals may involve events other than symposia. Examples include: high-level meetings between faculty on both campuses to discuss a recent RFA, planning/strategizing meetings to target a specific research topic for future grant opportunities, discussions on starting a new inter-campus center
  • If hosting a symposia or similar speaking event: there must be balanced presenter and attendee participation from both Ithaca and New York City. Co-organizers must arrange administrative support to successfully plan and execute proposed event(s) or activities, including coordinating event logistics, speakers, vendors/contracts, registration, and meeting documents as required.
  • Trainee (postdoctoral fellow and student) participation in larger events is highly preferred.
  • We strongly encourage new topics that have not previously received funding.
  • Proposed event(s) or activities must be held by June 30, 2026.

Selection Criteria

Event(s) or Activities must:

  • Leverage the strengths of Cornell's campuses.
  • Engage faculty across campuses.
  • Creatively bridge divergent scientific niches that have either not traditionally come together or have not done so effectively.
  • Have the potential to create clear synergies and follow-on interactions, collaborations, and novel joint research projects stemming from the symposium.
  • Engages trainees (postdoctoral fellows and students) across campuses.
  • Focus on emerging areas of science that constitute high-priority funding areas of federal funders.


Up to $30,000 will be provided to support event or other activity expenses, including, but not limited to:

  • Travel and accommodations for visiting colleagues (faculty, staff, students) visiting from the opposite campuses. (NYC or Ithaca)
  • Meals for visiting colleagues or event attendees.
  • Conference spaces, meeting materials, and/or audiovisual expenses.
  • Cornell media coverage and event photography (such as pre/post-event stories in the Cornell Chronicle, social media, and other university-related promotional opportunities).
  • Expenses incurred for planned events or activities that exceed the $30,000 award are the responsibility of faculty co-organizers.

Submission Guidelines

Applications may be emailed to Molly Towne |

Each application should be submitted as a single PDF containing the following information:

  • Cover Letter: (1-2 pages) providing a brief background for the proposed event(s) or activities.
    Please also specify:
    • each co-organizer's college, home department, and email address,
    • the suitability of the organizers to lead this effort, and
    • specifically how the event(s) or activities fulfill goals outlined in the "Selection Criteria" section below.
  • Estimated Costs: A budget outlining estimated costs. Brief explanations should be included for various budget categories.

Margins should be at least one inch, and font size should not be less than 11 point.